Branding as a spiritual practice

Jul 1, 2023 | branding

“Branding rubs me the wrong way,” someone told me once, “I refuse to do it”. She was an intelligent spiritually-aware holistic health practitioner with a thriving practice. She just happened to have an aversion to the concept of branding. Sadly, I knew too well what she really meant.

Branding often gets a bad rap, especially among spiritual entrepreneurs, due to a common misconception. It is often associated with logos, fonts and colors, that are viewed as a superficial elements. After all, if you are on a mission to heal others, to help raise consciousness and energetic frequency, the colors of your website might have little effect on the work you do.

The common misconception about branding is that it primarily focuses on visual elements, such as logos and fonts. In reality, branding is an awareness of what your business is and how others perceive it. It’s the soul of your company.

When it’s clear – it sets your company apart from everyone else, it makes clients understand why they should work with you and. Most of all, it guarantees that the business you are building is in alignment with who you are.

Avoiding branding your company is a terrible idea. When your branding is unclear, selling is difficult and marketing is a waste of time. People don’t see why they should hire you. You hustle all the time and become disconnected from what inspired you to start the business in the first place. You end up resentful and burnt out.

I see branding as a spiritual practice.

Branding is an opportunity to create a deeper connection with yourself and your business.

Are you being fully self-expressed in what you do? Or are you suppressing some parts of yourself in order to fit the mold?

For your business to be profitable, it needs to stand out and be authentic. If you are not fully being yourself, you are missing out on an opportunity to create a company that is truly different from everyone else and therefore noticeable.

The practice of branding is an opportunity to remember your “why”, the deeper reason behind why you started a business in the first place. Is it expressed in what you do? How can you communicate it better so that others are compelled to work with you simply because you believe in what they believe?

Branding is similar to meditation because it creates awareness of what’s going on in your business at the moment.

When you work for yourself, there are million things you need to take care of: meetings, phone calls, social media posts… The hustle is real. You are in your business. Brand audit is your time to take a step back and get a different perspective. It’s the time to look at it through your client’s eyes. What is their experience? How do they feel when they interact with you?

It’s an opportunity to look at your clients to find ways to serve them on an even deeper level. When you are clear on who they are and what they want, selling becomes easier. And you can help them achieve better results and bigger transformation.

Branding helps with marketing by making it authentic, transformational and enjoyable. Instead of being a chore, marketing becomes a part of your offering in the world. You stop trying to sell something people don’t want; instead, you share your truth with them.

The ultimate goal of branding is clarity and authenticity.

It requires honesty with yourself, willingness to ask difficult questions and courage to change things if needed. It’s a spiritual and deeply transformative experience.

It means to be fully connected to your soul, show up as all of you in your business, and working with clients who understand how you are different and why they should hire you.

Ready to have that clarity? Talk to us so we can help you see how you can show up more authentically in your business. So your ideal clients can find you.

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