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Helping your business remain profitable

Trying to keep your business open in changing economy? Know that your people need help now more than before but they are reluctant to spend money? Having hard time making sales?

Good news: you are in the right place. We can help you turn challenges into opportunities.

our capabilities

Holistic approach to marketing and branding

Our goal is to help your business stay profitable in times of economic uncertainty. You clients still need your services but they are a lot more careful with how they spend their money. You need to position your service as an “essential” investment in their eyes. You can only do so once you clarify your message, align with your tribe and amplify your service.

Marketing and Brand Strategy

In order to find the best brand and marketing strategy for your company, we conduct a detailed analysis of your situation. Based on those findings we design and implement necessary changes that allow your business to remain operational and profitable.


We create high-performing digital storefronts for your business that set you apart from competitors, align with your clients needs and encourage them to purchase your services.

Online courses
Choosing the right online platform for your group course can be very overwhelming. We will help you select the right one that fits your specific requirements. We will also set it up and, if necessary, customize it for you.

We help create and refine the content on your website, email campaigns and social media posts. Your message will finally be clear, your copy – personable and compelling. Your clients will feel that you understand them and they can trust you.

Lead magnets

A well-thought-out and beautifully designed lead magnet is a must for any business aiming to grow its mailing list. We will help you brainstorm ideas for your free download based on your brand message and clients’ needs. We will also help you design your lead magnet so it has a professional look.

Sales funnels and marketing automation
Let technology take some of the workload off your shoulders so that you have more time co focus on what’s really important in your business. We optimize your processes and automate your flows to make you more efficient and to improve the overall brand experience.

our approach

A brand is a person’s gut feeling about your company.

Your brand is not a logo, a color or a product. It’s your message – what you stand for – the work you are being called to do in the world.

For your business to stay profitable, especially in economically challenging times, people need to concider your service or product an “essential” investment. You will only create that once you are absolutely clear on your message, how you help people and why they should buy from you.

That’s why we start every project with an in-depth brand workshop where together with you we identify what your company stands for and how it helps your customers to save the day. As a result, your clients begin to connect to your brand to an essential solution. They see you as a leader of their tribe.

our values

Your business goals come first

We believe that digital experiences should not be based solely on your or our personal esthetics or preferences. Rather, they should primarily reflect the expectations and desires of your clients, as well as your business priorities.

Each of our projects starts with us asking questions and learning about your company as much as possible. Every peice of content that we create is geared towards helping your brand connect with more people online while stay profitable.


company culture

Love what you do

Why would you do it otherwise?

We are crazy passionate about our work. And we work better with people who are passionate about theirs.

Keep it light & Fluffy

Boring is not an option

Remove stress and frustration and put fun and play back into the creative process.

Batteries included

The universe is always on your side

You have everything you need to get where you want to be. We are here to support you.

our team

Helping your business make an impact isn’t just work, it’s my mission

Masha Goltsova-Lanoue


As an entrepreneur who believes in purpose-driven business, I understand how difficult it can be to stand out online and attract premium clients, especially when your website and marketing do not reflect the high level of service you provide.

  • You feel disappointed that your company is getting lost in the noise online
  • It’s disheartening when you can change someone’s life, but they don’t recognize it
  • You begin to doubt yourself and your business

I did not want that for myself.

I started this marketing company to help businesses that positively impact the world to not get lost in the shuffle.

Let’s make noise for your business

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