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Your message is worth sharing. Your work is transformational. We believe your purpose-driven business deserves to be successful.

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Your holistic business deserves to be successful

At Barking Creative, we know that you want to make an impact with your work. In order to do that you need a website and marketing that helps you attract your ideal clients. The problem is, your current website does not reflect who you truly are, which makes you feel frustrated.

We believe that your holistic business deserves to be successful. As spiritual entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that your business is not a job – it’s your life’s calling. And it is discouraging when your marketing does not communicate the true value of your work. Which is why since 2012 we have been helping transformational leaders, authors, healers and holistic business owners to define messages, build websites and create marketing campaigns that connect them with their ideal clients.

Here’s how it works: First, you schedule a consultation so we can learn more about you and your work. Then, we’ll help you define your message that resonates with your tribe. You will have a website and marketing that reflect it and clearly communicate the value of your work. And finally, you’ll be able to grow your audience and your impact. So, book a consultation today.

So you can stop missing out on potential opportunities and wasting your time and energy on marketing that does not work, and instead confidently own your message, attract your ideal clients and do the work you were meant to be doing.

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Your message is the foundation of your business

The core of your business is not a logo, a tagline or a service. It’s your message – what you stand for – the work you are being called to do in the world. Clear message helps you explain what your work is about in a way that resonates with your ideal clients.

We start every project helping you define your message. Then we integrate it into your marketing, so that you can confidently communicate the value of your work and grow your impact while increasing your income.


Define your message. Align the core of your business with your message.


Uplevel your digital presence. Integrate your messaging into your website and marketing.


Confidently communicate the value of your work. Grow your audience. Amplify your impact in the world.

We believe

Your true message is worth sharing

Your work is transformational – the world needs it

Don’t just grow a business – start a movement

Meet the founder

Helping your business make an impact isn’t just work, it’s my mission

Hi there, I’m Masha Goltsova-Lanoue. As an entrepreneur who believes in purpose-driven business, I understand how difficult it can be to stand out online and attract premium clients, especially when your website and marketing do not reflect the high level of service you provide.

  • You feel disappointed that your company is getting lost in the noise online
  • It’s disheartening when you can change someone’s life, but they don’t recognize it
  • You begin to doubt yourself and your business

I did not want that for myself.


I started this company to help businesses that positively impact the world to not get lost in the shuffle.

our capabilities

As your business growth, we will support you on the journey

Your work is transformational. Your message is unique. And let’s face it – your business is not cookie-cutter either.

You don’t need “just a website.” You need to build deep connection with your audience wherever they find you – your site, social media, email inbox or an event.

We can help you create what you need to expand and uplevel your business.


Your message is worth sharing. We will help you define it. So that the words on your website resonate with your ideal clients.

Website design and development

Custom-designed websites that communicate your message and help you grow your impact. WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, GoHighLevel and others.

Website hosting and support

We can host and update your website to make sure everything runs smoothly. No need to waste time on learning code. 


We help create and refine the content on your website, email campaigns and social media posts. Your message will finally be clear, your copy – personable and compelling. Your clients will feel that you understand them.

Graphic design

Let’s bring your message out into the world. Posters, flyers, book covers and more.

Lead magnets

A well-thought-out and beautifully designed lead magnet is a must for any business that wants to expand. We will help you come up with ideas for your free download based on your marketing message. We will also help you design and set it up so that you can start growing your audience.

Online courses

Choosing the right online platform for your group course can be very overwhelming. We will help you select the right one that fits your specific requirements. We will also set it up and customize it for you.


We can build a digital storefront for your business. Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace. 

Sales funnels and marketing automation

Let technology take some of the workload off your shoulders so that you have more time to do your best work. We optimize your processes and automate your flows to make your business run more efficiently.

Become the transformational leader your were meant to be

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