Grow your impact

and your income

Website design and marketing for coaches, experts and holistic entrepreneurs who want to become transformational leaders

Own your message

Attract ideal clients

Become a transformational leader

Grow your impact

and your income

Website design and marketing for coaches, experts and holistic entrepreneurs who want to become transformational leaders

You are ready to uplevel your business, but…

Are your website & marketing holding you back?


Is your message vague and confusing?


Are you not getting enough discovery calls?


Do your potential clients not understand how you can change their lives?


Is your website not reflecting what your work is about?


Are you frustrated with not attracting ideal clients?


Does your marketing feel inauthentic and overwhelming?

Unless you clearly communicate your message in your website and marketing

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With the right website and marketing, you will reach more people

With a clear defined message, engaging website and marketing strategy that captures attention of your tribe, you will make a bigger impact with your work.

Define your message

Clear communicate the value of your work. Get a new way to talk about what you do that resonates with your tribe.

Attract ideal clients

Get an engaging website that reflects your message, helps grow your email list and book more discovery calls.

Grow your audience

Use an effective marketing strategy aligned with your core message. Reach your ideal clients online. Grow your impact.

We believe your purpose-driven business deserves to be successful

Our services

Become the transformational leader your were meant to be

Website design

Get a website that reflects your message


Grow your audience online

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Meet the founder

Helping your business make an impact isn’t just work, it’s my mission

Hi there, I’m Maria (Masha) Goltsova. As an entrepreneur who believes in purpose-driven business, I understand how difficult it can be to stand out online and attract premium clients, especially when your website and marketing do not reflect the high level of service you provide.

  • You feel disappointed that your company is getting lost in the noise online
  • It’s disheartening when you can change someone’s life, but they don’t recognize it
  • You begin to doubt yourself and your business

I did not want that for myself.


I started this company to help businesses that positively impact the world to not get lost in the shuffle.

Project Portfolio

Some of our inspiring clients

Kia Scherr

Kia Scherr

A new website and book design for an author, speaker and mentor

Rita Gendelman

Rita Gendelman

Become the parent who is no longer defined by their child’s autism



New website for The Immigration and Ethnic History Society

You don’t need “just a website”. You need to build deep connection with your audience wherever they find you – your website, social media, email inbox or an event. You can do that by clearly defining your message, boldly communicating your value.

Since 2012, we have been helping holistic entrepreneurs, coaches, and experts to clarify their message, create engaging websites and digital experiences and lead effective marketing campaigns. So that you can focus on what you do best – the transformational work you were meant to be doing.

Our Process

Here’s how this works:


Schedule a consultation

Tell us about your goals. We’ll talk about the vision you have for your work and how we can help make it happen.


We create your website and marketing

Let’s define your message and get you a website and marketing that reflect it


See your business expand

Attract your ideal clients. Build a bigger audience. Do the work you were meant to be doing.

On this call we will talk about your business goals and challenges. You will see if our services are a good fit for you and get answers to any questions you might have.

Client testimonials

We have been helping purpose-driven businesses like yours to create impact online

I am so happy with the website design and the ease of use! I get many compliments on my site and the follow up support for implementing changes and updates was awesome. My website is unique to my needs and style — Barking Creative helped me find and define my voice so that it didn’t sound like every other cookie cutter site out there. Definitely recommend BC to everyone!

Linda Mench Board-certified nutrition specialist
Linda Mench

Masha is so intuitively gifted that all I have to do is give her my ideas and she creates amazing beautiful artistically deep renditions of my work and its energy. She makes my work look 100% more powerful and professional then I could’ve ever hoped for. And maybe the best part, she’s fast.

Sylvia Ra’hanah Moss Vibrational Sound Healer, Photographer and Author
Sylvia Ra’hanah Moss

“The whole process was seamless and enjoyable due to their creative talents and professional demeanor. I can without reservation highly recommend this company knowing that the end product will reflect you and your message in a most creative and attractive manner.

Dr. Ken Harris Transformational Teacher, Healer, Speaker, Author
Dr. Ken Harris

I’m extremely happy with the site and have gotten much praise and complements regarding its design, clarity, content, and overall messaging. It carries the true sentiments of what I would want to say.

Bill Prinzivalli Entrepreneur, executive coach, author
Bill Prinzivalli

Grow your impact & your income

At Barking Creative, we know that you want to make an impact with your work. In order to do that you need a website and marketing that helps you attract your ideal clients. The problem is, your current website does not reflect who you truly are, which makes you feel frustrated.

We believe that your holistic business deserves to be successful. As spiritual entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that your business is not a job – it’s your life’s calling. And it is discouraging when your marketing does not communicate the true value of your work. Which is why since 2012 we have been helping transformational leaders, authors, healers and holistic business owners to define messages, build websites and create marketing campaigns that connect them with their ideal clients.

Here’s how we do it: First, schedule a consultation. We want to know more about you, the work you do and your clients. Then, we’ll help you define your message that resonates with your tribe. You will have a website and marketing that reflect it and clearly communicate the value of your work. And finally, you’ll be able to grow your audience and your impact.

So, book a consultation today. And in the meantime, download our Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur’s Guide to authentically selling more from your website.

So you can stop missing out on potential opportunities and wasting your time and energy on marketing that does not work, and instead confidently own your message, attract your ideal clients and do the work you were meant to be doing.

It’s time to get website & marketing that reflect your message

Confidently own your message, attract your ideal clients and do the work you were meant to be doing

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